MWX 2019

The theme of MWX19 is Immersion: from VR to immersive theater, local and international artists help us explore new ways that museums can enable their participants to “be there.” Curated by Kellian Adams, the MWX Arcade in the Exhibit Hall offers a changing program of immersive and playful experiences sure to inspire you with new ideas for audience engagement and learning in your museum! In the Wednesday workshops, David London shares his immersive techniques for teaching “InnerActive” history, and on Thursday brings HUMBUG: The Great P.T. Barnum Traveling Show and Museum to Boston for a lunchtime performance.

Also for MWX19, Site Gallery under the curation of Artistic Director Sharna Jackson has commissioned artist Susan Collins to create a live streaming artwork that connects the local Boston community and participants in the MW19 Conference with the creative community, passers-by and walking traffic around the Cultural Industries Quarter, Sheffield.

A projection of their sister-site’s view will be captured and displayed in prominent locations in Sheffield and Boston – creating an open channel between three major international cultural institutions: ICA, Boston; Showroom, Sheffield; Site Gallery, Sheffield.

The waterfront view of Boston will exist in the Showroom Cinema, Sheffield, with visitors able to ‘hold’ the image in their hands, whilst Sheffield’s dominant, modernist high rise will be streamed into the ICA, Boston.

Artist: Susan Collins
Technical Producer: Matt Jarvis

Commissioned by Site Gallery
Supported by MuseWeb and City of Ideas
Partners: Showroom Workstation, Sheffield; ICA, Boston