A Crisis of Capacity – How can Museums use Machine Learning, the Gig economy and the power of the crowd to tackle our backlogs.


Friday, April 05, 2019: 9:00am - 10:30am - Back Bay CD: Papers: How do we get from collaboration to creation?

Adam Moriarty, Auckland Museum, New Zealand

Published paper: A Crisis of Capacity: How can Museums use Machine Learning, the Gig Economy and the Power of the Crowd to Tackle Our Backlogs

At the Auckland Museum, we are looking at how can we harness the power of a global workforce, free software, and social media to embrace the changes made by the digital revolution. Can we use the “gig economy,” machine learning, and the power of the crowd to solve our backlog problems head-on? Can these new ways of working help us to free our time for the more creative and innovative aspects of our roles? Is it better to have an AI-created record online than no record at all? What are the ethical implementations of automated, computer-generated content for museums?

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