Artificial Intelligence (AI) Community of Practice

Community of Practice

Thursday, April 04, 2019: 2:00pm - 3:30pm - Republic Ballroom AB: Community of Practice: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Catherine Devine, Microsoft, USA

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new “mobile”.  Earlier this decade, Museums were trying to understand what it means to be mobile. Today, as the decade closes, AI is emerging as an increasingly sophisticated technology that will in due course become as ubiquitous as mobile became.
The objective of the community of practice, sponsored by Microsoft, is to deepen understanding in Museums of what is possible with artificial intelligence as well as to encourage a conversation about the potential applications of artificial intelligence in Museums. As part of this community, we invite anyone who is interested in the applications of artificial intelligence in a Museum setting to join the discussion over the coming year. This is an opportunity for Museums to:
· influence Microsoft strategy on the needs of Museums with respect to artificial intelligence,
· pilot artificial intelligence applications,
· support research on Museum specific applications of AI, and to
· provide an opportunity to bring back learnings to the wider Museum community as this technology emerges.
In Boston, this session will focus on a kickoff of the community discussion of the applications of artificial intelligence within Museums. This could include but is not limited to audience trend analysis, support of personalized experiences, research or any other Museum application.
Following the conference, a year round discussion on the topic will be facilitated through digital collaboration platforms. Microsoft will invite participants to submit ideas for artificial intelligence pilots that further knowledge in their own institutions as well as with bringing learnings back to the overall Museum community. A selection of these will be supported by Microsoft. There will also be the opportunity for  interested community members to visit Microsoft in Redmond, WA in the fall to be further inspired by the applications of artificial intelligence across industries (at the participant’s own cost).