#ArtPup – a new breed of art lover. Hear how a public art organization teamed up with dogs on Instagram to reach their owners and fans. (4)


Friday, April 05, 2019: 1:00pm - 2:00pm - Constitution: Demonstrations 3

Ashley Lippolis, Association for Public Art, USA

If you’re on Instagram then you’ve seen them – those adorable doggos that fill our feeds. Many of these furry Instagram stars have their own Instagram accounts and amass thousands of followers. How do we engage with these pups, their owners, and their many fans? Is there a way to connect them with the public art that’s all around them on their daily dog walks?

During this Lightning Talk, the Association for Public Art (aPA) will share how they developed and implemented a fun and engaging social media campaign to connect with dog Instagram celebrities, their owners, and fans, while introducing or reintroducing them to Philadelphia’s fantastic collection of outdoor sculpture.

Through fun (and adorable) visuals, we will highlight captivating, simple, and inexpensive solutions that we implemented during our recent social media campaign #ArtPup – a new breed of art lover. This pup-friendly program expanded on existing social media trends and invited dog lovers to engage with Philadelphia’s renowned collection of public art in a whole new way. #ArtPup successfully allowed aPA to build relationships with Instagram influencers and connect with a whole new and engaging audience. We’ll share how we increased the public’s awareness of our mission, connected with completely new audiences, and created new collaborative opportunities with sponsors and supporters.

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