Digital Asset Management: Learning from the Private Sector

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Wednesday, April 03, 2019: 9:00am - 12:00pm - Independence East: Digital Asset Management: Learning from the Private Sector

Douglas Hegley, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA, David Lipsey, Center for Advanced Studies in Digital Asset Management, USA, Christina Gibbs, Detroit Institute of Arts, USA

The challenges of Digital Asset Management (DAM) are universal, and yet – as in other areas of innovation – we often fail to take advantage of the knowledge, insights, and more extensive experience emerging from the private sector. However, by challenging this silo mentality and collaborating across sectors we, as professionals working with digital content, can become stronger together.

This half-day workshop brings together professionals from both the Museum and Private Sectors to spearhead cross-sector collaboration and an on-site investigation into the special insights, best practices, lessons learned, and innovative theories regarding the creation and management of digital content. Conducted by three leading professionals who share a common belief in the dynamic power of driving success with digital media, this meeting promises to be an exciting and informative morning tackling issues across DAM systems, Collections Management practices, Creative Services, Design, Publishing, Marketing and more.

Designed to benefit anyone who works with digital content: from creation, to management, through to delivery, attendees will gain:
1. An expanded understanding of innovations and best practices in digital asset management, content production workflows, and digital engagement to achieve competitive advantages
2. Knowledge of the business advantages gained by using advanced digital content technologies
3. A new community of peers to network with and hopefully collaborate with on common issues, problems, and opportunities