Digital Cultural Heritage & Multimedia in Museums—The Chinese View


Thursday, April 04, 2019: 8:00am - 9:00am - Grand Ballroom Foyer: Networking Continental Breakfast

Jiyun (Jade) Park, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR (Nationality: South Korea)

Digital Cultural Heritage & Multimedia in Museums – The Chinese View is a part of Dr Harald Peter Kraemer’s recent research project Multimedia Classics – Hypermedia Hermeneutics which investigate online and offline multimedia applications with cultural topics. He has archived around 400 multimedia applications to answer the research questions; “why is it so difficult to analyze interactive hybrids” and “why they are insufficiently recorded with the traditional methods of documentation”. He developed a method to analyse the complexity and interplay of their contents, dramaturgy, navigation and design (Kraemer 2011, 2014). While he has archived numerous examples from European and American Museums, he realised that related study for multimedia applications and their documentation is a lack in Asia. Focusing on researching multimedia applications in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, he has tried to fill the substantial gap about multimedia applications in Asia and therefore the research will be able to provide important references to the early digital cultural heritage for following generations of students and researchers. As a research assistant, I have taken part in collecting, documenting and indexing data to analyse the information architecture of hypermedia applications and their complexity. The results will be published as a critical canon (book) and a working catalogue (online database) with case studies.


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