Escape From Marseilles


Friday, April 05, 2019: 12:30pm - 2:00pm - Jefferson (3F): MWX

Elizabeth Isaacson, Sinking Ship Creations, USA

Join us for “Escape From Marseilles” and become one of a group of American vigilantes helping high-profile fugitives flee Nazi-occupied France. The refugees you’ll aid will be members of the “cultural elite” —  people like Max Ernst, Marc Chagall and Hannah Arendt — who have been denounced as enemies of the Third Reich and are being sought actively by French and German police. In this two-hour experience, you’ll forge Reichsmarks and passports, work with members of the French Resistance, and dodge your way past Vichy agents, all while having to decide — who lives and who dies?

“Escape From Marseilles” is a LARP or Live-Action Roleplay designed for museums and educational institutions. A larp experience is a theatrical performance in which participants are the focus of the story. In this performance, actors do not usher participants from scene to scene. Instead, participants become the main characters in the story and make decisions about how that narrative unfolds.

Participants should be prepared to assume “roles,” and should expect light coaching at the beginning of the experience. 

Villa Air Bel: WWII, Escape & A House In Marseilles (Rosemary Sullivan);

Surrender On Demand (Varian Fry);

Assignment: Rescue (Varian Fry);

A Quiet American: The Secret War Of Varian Fry (Andy Marino);

Thirty-Two Acres Of Paradise: Varian Fry At Air-Bel (Diana Pollin & Alain Guyot);

The Hiding Game (Gwen Stross & Herb Leonhard);