Growth Hacking Museums: Institutional Innovation and Intrapreneurship

Professional Forum

Thursday, April 04, 2019: 4:00pm - 4:50pm - Grand Ballroom: Professional Forum: Growth Hacking Museums

Douglas Hegley, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA, Brendan Ciecko, Cuseum, USA

Innovation and digital transformation seem to be stated goals of most organizations, yet within the museum sector the long-tenured culture of our 100+ year old organizations often stands in the way of real change. Is it possible to operate as an agent of change within the rigid structures of the traditional institution? Can a museum respond to the innovation practice of growth hacking? If so, what are effective methods to make this happen, particularly in the face of resistance?

Join us for this special session that could only take place at Museums and the Web in Boston: hub of innovation, home to world-leading universities, cutting edge technology companies, and powerful business incubators. In this conversation, voices of innovation from the museum, university, and technology sectors will discuss and debate the impact of shifting mindsets to intrapreneurial, agile, and experimental – and how to apply these lessons within older and traditionally-structured nonprofit and institutional realms.

These unique perspectives will provide attendees with a window into methodologies used by programs like Harvard Innovation Lab, Techstars, and MIT Enterprise Forum. Panelists will explore the viability of adopting similar methodologies within organizations that do not have a clear commitment to innovation and calculated risk-taking.

Attendees will learn:
How to gain support for new ideas within rather traditional organizations.
How to build a high-impact mentor ecosystem.
How to deliver a powerful pitch, and then to measure traction.
How to be an effective intrapreneur, even when no one in your organization could define that word.

This fast-paced session will include plenty of interaction with attendees, to keep the content relevant and actionable.

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