Lake Baikal: The Science & Spirituality of Extreme Water

Video Crit

Thursday, April 04, 2019: 2:00pm - 3:30pm - Grand Ballroom: Video Crit

Robin White Owen, MediaCombo, Inc., USA

The first expedition to Lake Baikal was made in winter 2016. Over 30 scenes were shot on ice and on the shores of the lake, depicting the spiritual, social and cultural life. By using a 12-cam GoPro rig, the team was able to produce hi-res stereoscopic videos, which were edited into the pilot 360° seven minute long episode “Winter Spirit”.It was made as a trailer for a longer VR documentary about Lake Baikal and the importance of conserving the Earth’s most voluminous body of liquid fresh water. This version was not designed as a complete program or to be shown in museums. We have recently revised the project to include a free roam/room scale experience. Our goal is to create and bring to global audiences a virtual 3D model of Lake Baikal that shows the contours beneath the water’s surface and topography of the terrain around the lake.“Lake Baikal VR” will create a virtual landscape that viewers can fly above and also explore beneath the water’s surface. They will also interact with 2D and 360° narrative elements as well as data visualizations embedded in the virtual model.