Paradigm Shift: Museums of Mexico


Thursday, April 04, 2019: 2:00pm - 3:30pm - Back Bay AB: Papers: What is memory on the Web?

Vania Ramírez Islas, Ministry of Culture, Mexico

Published paper: Paradigm Shift: Museums of Mexico

In 2018, the Culture Digital Agenda launched the Museos de México (Museums of Mexico) project, a digital development that renews the digital collections of seven major museums under the Ministry of Culture, adapting them to best international practices. Through this project, these museums have improved the management of their digital collections through a management system that linked documentation, curators, conservation, educational services, and public outreach areas. The system is based on a collections manager developed by Collective Access and supported by a shared data structure to standardize and bring into alignment the information created by the institutions. Finally, the project offers visitors the opportunity to enhance their experience prior to and after their museum visit through an attractive, easy-to-use, dynamic graphic interface different for each museum and that responds to the types of content and curatorial approaches created by the managers and researchers of these museums.

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