Six Imaginary Museums

Lightning Talk

Saturday, April 06, 2019: 9:30am - 11:00am - Grand Ballroom: Lightning Talks

Ian Wojtowicz, Miscellaneous Projects, Canada

This brief presentation introduces six fictional museum archetypes — a glimpse into some possible futures for the way we shape museums. The designs range from extrapolations of current trends, to impossible configurations of learning environments that would be at home in science fiction films.

This process of imagining strange, new designs has a long tradition in art, literature and architecture. More recently, this technique has earned the moniker of “design fiction.” This lightning talk will give a nod to Borges’ libraries, and the architectural works of Boullée, Piranesi, Fuller and Superstudio and others as it presents sketches for how museums might look in the near distant future.

Jorge Louis Borges, The Library of Babel
Etienne-Louis Boullée, Cenotaph for Newton
Piranesi, Imaginary Prisons
Buckminster Fuller, Manhattan Dome
Superstudio, Continuous Monument