The Lubbock Lake Landmark Mobile App – App Crit

App Crit

Saturday, April 06, 2019: 11:00am - 12:30pm - Grand Ballroom: App Crit

Megan Reel, Museum of Texas Tech University, USA, Jessica Stepp, Museum of Texas Tech University, USA

The Lubbock Lake Landmark, an archaeological and natural history preserve/small museum, released an initial version of an iOS app in November 2018, that seeks to improve how it serves the needs of its visitors and enhance a small exhibit space. The new app featured wildlife guides, an interactive map, augmented reality (AR) models of collections items the users can view at home, and expanded gallery content specifically through the use of AR and additional audio content.

An updated version of the app, as well as a version for Andriod, are scheduled for release in 2019. Objectives for these updated versions include the addition of Spanish text, a visual descriptive tour for visually impaired visitors, and additional augmented reality content tied to the Lubbock Lake Landmark’s current temporary exhibit. The Lubbock Lake Landmark also is involved in testing the app with volunteers and refining the accessibility of the app prior to the updated release.