How-to: Easy AR authoring for museums and cultural heritage sites

Saturday, April 06, 2019: 2:00pm - 2:50pm
Back Bay AB

Augmented Reality Authoring for Cultural Heritage Sites using the Sitsim AR Editor
- Gunnar Liestøl, University of Oslo, Norway, Tomas Stenarson, CodeGrind AB, Sweden
Introduction to easy AR–authoring for museums and CH sites using the free Sitsim AR Editor. AR applications are popular in museums and CH sites. High-quality AR–apps must be adapted to each museum’s and site’s characteristics, and technical challenges are demanding. With the Sitsim AR Editor, staff with basic knowledge of digital design and 3-D scanning will be able to put together complex applications. The how–to session will teach: • AR storytelling for museums and CH sites • How to import, position, scale and orient 3-D terrains and objects • Storytelling and content design with the Unity–based Sitsim AR Editor • Basics of creating indirect AR apps: importing links, global functions