A group of volunteers sits at a table and sorts packets at the 2018 conference in Vancouver.

MuseWeb offers complimentary registration to a limited number of students and professionals from small institutions in return for assistance with on-site conference administration.

Over the course of the conference, a volunteer will dedicate 20-25 hours and perform a variety of duties that are crucial to the success of the conference, including:

  • prepare registrants packets;
  • train for and complete other tasks as assigned;
  • register attendees in my two assigned 3 hour shifts on the registration desk;
  • monitor my assigned conference sessions, put up session signs, place speaker “tents”, greet the chair and speakers, observe the progress of the session and report to the organizers any technical or other problems that arise;
  • guide attendees to buses for social events or to other conference activities.

A volunteer must be able to attend the volunteer orientation, site tour, and delegate bag stuffing on Tuesday, April 2, 2019, 2018 (time to be confirmed. Most likely 2:30-5pm).

The cost of registration will be waived; volunteers must, however, pay for any pre-conference workshops or tours they wish to attend. Travel (hotel, expenses and flight costs) is not included. All social event tickets are included.

The application deadline is December 1, 2018. Please apply here. For more information about volunteering or applying, please contact the volunteer coordinator, Alison Heney.