GLAMi Awards

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GLAMi Awards | Deadline: February 15, 2019

The GLAMi Awards recognize and celebrate the most innovative projects in the cultural heritage sector annually. From 1997 to 2019, the MW awards were known as The Best of the Web, reflecting a time when “web” was synonymous with “innovation.” To respond to the rapid evolution of the technology landscape and our visitors’ expectations, BoW was renamed at MW’s 20th anniversary conference in 2016 to showcase the best work the field does to engage, inform and excite people both on the Web and across the myriad networked platforms and contexts innovative cultural practices take us.

Submitting Your Project

Any museum, gallery, library or archive (GLAM) institution may submit their project(s) for award considerations. Agencies and media producers may submit their work in collaboration with the client institution. Projects must have been released to the public between April 2018 and April 2019.


  • Education Program
    Course, workshop or lab for youth or adults.
  • Exhibition Media or Experience
    In-gallery exhibit media, installation, interactive or app.
  • Exhibition and Collection Extension
    Microsite, app, or other digital experience that extends a specific exhibition’s content or collection beyond the physical building.
  • Marketing and Promotion
    Website, digital campaign (advertising or social) to increase awareness of the institution as a whole.
  • Museum-Wide Guide or Program
    Digital app, tool or experience designed to facilitate visitor way-finding or engagement with the collection.
  • Behind the Scenes
    Business systems, infrastructure, business strategy, process or other projects that may not be immediately visible to the museum guest.
  • Best of MW19
    Judges will pull standout projects from categories to be nominated for this award.

What you’ll need to submit:

Before completing the form, verify you’re a registered MW user. Not registered? Create your account now.

  • Project Title
    The formal name of the project.
  • Institution
    The formal name of the museum, gallery or archive that launched the project.
  • Agency or Media Producer
    The external partner (if any) that was contracted to produce the project.
  • Institution Contact Name
    If you’re submitting a project on behalf of an agency or media producer, please include the name of the primary contact for the client institution.
  • Institution Contact Email Address
    If you’re submitting a project on behalf of an agency or media producer, please include the email address of the primary contact for the client institution.
  • Category
    Select the most appropriate category for your submission (see list above).
  • Project URL
    If the project is available to the general public, please provide a URL.
  • Link to Video 
    Link to a video (maximum 3 minutes) on YouTube or Vimeo that provides a walkthrough of the experience for the judging committee. The video can be simply shot on a mobile device or edited from prior footage, just make sure it conveys the core experience to the judges. All videos submitted should be captioned, which can be done easily via third party services such, as rev.comCielo24, and free via YouTube and
  • Description (This will be published on the MW2019 website.)
    Tell us about the project: Your written information that will help the judges review it: highlight why this project is great at what it does. Cite specific pages by URL. Include screen shots if desired. Describe the impact. If this project is not immediately reviewable by the judges, please ensure your video captures all they’ll need to review.
  • Supporting images or additional video: Please submit as many images, illustrations or links to videos as you think necessary to completely review the project. Upload an image by clicking on the media button below the Description text area. Follow the prompts on the pop-up form, first to upload your image file, and then to link it to your nomination. Put your image at the start of your text, and the words will flow around it. Please use the default settings for image formatting.

The judging and awards process

  • All submissions will be judged by the GLAMi Awards Judging Committee.
  • Finalists in each category will be invited to present their project in a 2-3 minute talk before the judges and their peers on the afternoon of Thursday, April 4th 2019.
  • This year’s GLAMi Awards winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on Friday, April 5th 2019.

We’ll update this page as judging commences. Best of luck!