This year’s theme for MWX is IMMERSION. MWX is MW’s exhibition initiative, including exhibits and interactive experiences as well as written papers and presentations about transformative ideas, technologies, and projects that can help us think in new ways about cultural heritage experiences.

The aim of MWX is to be inspired by and learn from work by artists using digital tools, platforms, and new practices that have emerged in the networked economy.

Check out last year’s MWX in Vancouver, co-curated by Vince Dziekan and Kate Hennessy: MWX18 Open Platform

MWX includes presentations in the MW program as well as exhibits in the Exhibit Hall. MWX papers (required, up to 5,000 words) will be peer-reviewed and considered for publication in the digital and printed proceedings of the conference. Sept 30 is the deadline for formal papers and sessions; Dec 31 for demonstrations of digital experiences emerging from or inspiring contemporary art practice.