Opening Plenary Address

HiroshiTranscriptMW19Remembering the Future: Archiving for 2200
April 4, 2019 | MuseWeb Conference, Boston, MA


Hiroshi Ishii, MIT Media Lab, USA

Museums collect artifacts, and libraries collect books. How about “interactive experiences”? Who can/should collect and archive “interaction design” and its UX?  In his opening keynote presentation, Professor Ishii speculates on how museums and libraries of the future should preserve interactive experiences for people in the the far future of 2200. Over the past quarter century, the Tangible Media Group founded by Professor Hiroshi Ishii in 1995 at the MIT Media Lab has been designing a series of Tangible User Interfaces by coupling physical objects and digital information in order to make bits directly manipulable and perceptible.

Their goal is to invent new design media for artistic expression and for scientific analysis, taking advantage of the richness of human senses and skills – as developed through our lifetime of interaction with the physical world.Tangible Media has presented their visions of “Tangible Bits” and “Radical

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