A Digital Authoring Platform for a Museum Without Walls (6)


Thursday, April 04, 2019: 6:40pm - 7:40pm - Constitution: Demonstrations 1

Taylor Poulin, Terra Foundation for American Art, USA

Operating since 2004 as a “museum without walls,” the Terra Foundation for American Art consistently seeks new ways to engage global audiences with historical American art. To accompany the digital version of a newly published collection handbook, the foundation developed ArtNav, a digital authoring platform inspired by mapping software that allows for an interactive interpretation of its collection. Built using open source deep-zoom software, a map-marker interface, and a IIIF image host, the platform layers media and text over high resolution images, serving as a foundation for future image accessibility and standards in structured meta-data. As a flexible entry point into the Terra’s collection, it offers the creator innumerable opportunities for interpretation of a work of art, while the user has full autonomy to explore the image and information. This demonstration will share the origin of the project, its technical development, and its implementation and potential for other museums and audiences.