Hacking Culture with IIIF

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Jeff Steward, Harvard Art Museums, USA, Tristan Roddis, Cogapp, UK

The International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) is quickly becoming the standard for image delivery and access in both library and museum communities [1]. IIIF promises “an unprecedented level of uniform and rich access to image-based resources hosted around the world.” [2] As of May 2018 there are over one billion IIIF images from GLAMs at our disposal [3]. Now that we have this level of access to this many images, what do we do with them?

This hands-on, half-day workshop introduces participants to IIIF by way of imaginative play. We’ll use IIIF-compatible tools to remix and reuse cultural data from all over the web. Attendees will explore the creativity and discovery made possible by IIIF images and data in ways that move beyond deep zooming and book viewing.

Following the session attendees will:
Understand the core concepts of IIIF and why they matter
Have a better understanding of where to find and how to identify IIIF content
Learn how to use IIIF content for creative projects
Leave with a set of unique projects and examples to take back their organization to demonstrate the possibilities opened up by IIIF content

Come armed with a laptop, web browser, and your sense of curiosity. Be prepared for a high level of fun and irreverence.

Please note: This is not a workshop on setting up IIIF infrastructure, explaining all of the IIIF APIs, or how to make your own images IIIF compatible.

[1] https://iiif.io/community/#participating-institutions; Snydman, S., Sanderson, R., & Cramer, T. (2015). “The International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF): A community & technology approach for web-based images.” Pp. 16-21 in Proceedings of the Archiving Conference 2015. Springfield, VA: Society for Imaging Science and Technology
[2] https://iiif.io/about/
[3] Cramer, Tom. “Introduction to IIIF.” YouTube, uploaded by IIIF, 18 August 2018, https://youtu.be/Z3ZgEv4p37o?t=19m56s

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