How to get museums to innovate? ‘Design for cultural heritage’ and service-system mindset as a strategic thinking methodology.

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Wednesday, April 03, 2019: 1:30pm - 4:30pm - Hampton (3F): How to get museums to innovate? ‘Design for cultural heritage’ and service-system mindset as a strategic thinking methodology.

Ece Özdil, Jüniör, Italy

As Jüniör, we believe that innovation in the cultural sector can only be initiated by understanding audiences and bringing inclusive perspectives is essential to run projects that are timeless and timely. However, we also acknowledge that every cultural institution is unique and defining how to work on new programs, initiatives, experiences and strategies is not an easy task as it highly depends not only on the economic limitations of a museum but also its organisational structure.

Because of this reason, we have organised for you a creative workshop with co-ideation activities which would help you learn about the principles of ‘design for cultural heritage’ and start building a service-system mindset by making you experiment with design tools directly.

Our aim is to work together and dig into the organisational structure of your museum in order to define opportunity areas where to enable improvements and innovation. During the workshop, we’ll also envision practicable solutions that can fit the opportunity areas we defined by taking inspiration from some of the global museum trends and successful applications. By the end of the workshop, we’ll all share and discuss the outcome collaboratively.

This workshop will not only introduce you what ‘design for cultural heritage’ methodology and service-system mindset might improve in your museum, but will, guide you to define a first draft of strategy that you can share with your colleagues back home.

This proposal is based upon one of our activities at the 'we are museums 2018' conference in Morocco, where we have organised a full-day activity in defining the future of museum professionals: (Route 5- 'Be a museum professional today')
As most of the medium/small sized museums have difficulties in starting and preparing for new projects both on an organisational and economic level, we propose this workshop that can help them find answers to both of the following questions: how to work on heritage strategies with an audience-centric approach and how to create space and build teams for starting unconventional and innovative projects in museums.
The 'Museum Trends' we mention on our proposal to support the envisioning activity is a booklet we have published this year as an easy but critical read about issues that museums should take in consideration and how design methods bring guidance in facing them.