IBM Design Thinking: Increasing interactivity and engagement around protected artifacts

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Marleigh Norton, IBM, USA, Sara Weber, IBM, United States

Did you know the informal education techniques pioneered by museums are being used in enterprise settings? It’s true! Client engagement centers are used by high profile businesses to offer exclusive experiences to potential partners and clients. IBM has three such centers around the world. Lucky for us, one of them is at the global headquarters of Watson Health, right across the river in Cambridge. IBM is offering a rare opportunity to see one of these private centers.

You will get a behind-the-scenes tour of the facility, including our 32 foot interactive wall and our immersion room. You’ll have the same experience we offer to CEOs, boards of directors, and occasionally visiting royalty. After the tour, the IBM development team will be available for a frank discussion of what it takes to create, operate, and maintain such an installation.

Then, we’ll move on to design thinking. IBM’s Design Studio has created a streamlined version of design thinking that we use in our business. You will both learn about and participate in an abridged workshop lead by world class IBM designers.

The topic? Increasing interactivity and engagement around protected artifacts. Whether it’s an expensive piece of technology or a priceless work of art, we often have to design experiences involving objects our guests are not allowed to touch. Using design thinking, we’ll generate the ideas, goals, and insights to help our audiences have a satisfying—if hands-off—personal experience.

Maximum 25 participants. On location at 75 Binney Street, Cambridge. Our clients sometimes fly from the other side of the world to visit the center, but you’ll only need a short subway or taxi ride.