Digital Storytelling Initiative as a Catalyst for Adopting Digital Working Models at FAMSF


Friday, April 05, 2019: 9:00am - 10:30am - Back Bay CD: Papers: How do we get from collaboration to creation?

Tricia Robson, The Metropolitan Museum of Art , USA, Kelly Mincey, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, USA, Emily Stoller-Patterson, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, USA

Published paper: Digital Storytelling Initiative as a Catalyst for Adopting Digital Working Models at FAMSF

While the digital revolution has transformed how content is packaged and consumed, museums across the board are struggling to develop the iterative, cross-functional working models necessary for digital innovation. Through a two year change process—spurred via the development of a free online storytelling platform called “Digital Stories” in the fall of 2016—The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (FAMSF), comprised of the de Young and Legion of Honor museums, took on the challenge of shifting to a digital-first approach.

To overcome barriers involving project support and a lack of cross-departmental precedence, the “Digital Stories” project group committed to better define roles, invest in related training, determine content parameters for their platform, articulate more clear working processes, and, in essence, educate the museum internally about digital best practices and methods. This would slowly come to provide a replicable process within the museums, and lay the necessary foundation to reinvent the platform as “Insights” two years later.

Outlined in this paper are the steps embarked upon through close collaboration of the two internal teams, a model that can be applied by other arts and cultural institutions when undertaking an educational and digital initiative, particularly those young in their digital maturation.

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