Museum DAM in 2019: Practical Planning for Where You Want to Be and How to Get There

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Wednesday, April 03, 2019: 1:30pm - 4:30pm - Fairfax A (3F): Museum DAM in 2019: Practical Planning for Where You Want to Be and How to Get There

Douglas Hegley, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA, David Lipsey, Center for Advanced Studies in Digital Asset Management, USA, Christina Gibbs, Detroit Institute of Arts, USA

Digital asset management in the cultural heritage sector remains both a challenge and a tremendous opportunity. Museums across the world vary widely in how digital asset management serves their needs. Some museums are in the initial stages of learning about DAM and what DAM can mean for their organizations, while others have defined what DAM can do and are settled into a pattern but are left wondering – “what’s next?” And yet, there are still others who have continually evaluated what a DAM can offer and have grown their DAM programs, developing a capacity for ongoing self-assessment with an institutional focus on governance and innovation.

Whether you are just getting started or are a seasoned DAM warrior looking to grow, this half-day workshop is designed to provide you with practical insights to help DAM do more, and mean more, for your museum.

Facilitated by three professionals with deep museum and private sector experience in selecting, implementing, using, and growing DAM systems, leaders of this workshop will work to help organizations meet their goals with the support of effective digital media and content management practices. Together we will explore:
1. Where is the museum sector today, and your museum in particular, with regard to DAM?
2. The DAM Capability Model; what is it, how to use it, and how it can inform growth
3. What’s next? The future of DAM in the museum sector and innovations you can use

Designed to benefit those who work with digital content: from producers, to managers, to publishers and beyond. Attendees will gain practical knowledge in:
1. Available resources to help guide organizations make smart decisions about DAM
2. How to assess your organizational capacity for DAM
3. Tips and tricks on Metrics and Measurements – reports can be your friend
4. How to map out the next steps in your DAM journey
5. Building institutional knowledge and support the many ways DAM can help elevate museums