M+W Happiness Bar: Make Your Website Faster and More Secure!


Thursday, April 04, 2019: 6:30pm - 9:30pm - Grand Ballroom Foyer

Daniel Gale-Rosen, Alley Interactive, USA, Tim Schwartz, Alley Interactive, USA, Griffen Fargo, Alley, United States, Pattie Reaves, Alley, USA

Free help! The Happiness Bar is a volunteer-supported group of experts that can help you with your website. We’re here to code, clean, and fix up issues you have. For our inaugural year, we will focus on making sites SECURE and FAST. All websites should be available via HTTPS — volunteers will help you get this started with Let’s Encrypt, a free service for HTTPS certificates. Websites also need to be fast: Using speed tests, our volunteers will identify easy wins and help you implement them on your website, making your site load and respond faster. It’s always the little housekeeping tasks that fall by the wayside, so please come to the bar and let us help you! All consultations are free for conference attendees, so stop by and let’s get it done together.