MWX Immersive Arcade


Kellian Adams, Green Door Labs, USA

What is immersive? What is interactive? These are big questions within the immersive community, which includes museum practitioners as well as creators of escape rooms, location-based environments and experiences, VR, AR, XR, larps, tabletop role playing games, video games, dance, visual arts installations and immersive theater. Explore these questions with us as we bring over a dozen immersive artists from around the New England area to have you immersed in, responding to and interacting with content. Where do museums fit into the immersive world and how can we help define this new art form? Expect some unusual things this MWX!! We encourage you to visit the immersive arcade, sign up for our timed experiences and take the plunge to participate in our ongoing installations. We hope a little bit of strangeness will inspire us to discuss, ask questions and become part of this exciting conversation!