App Crit

Saturday, April 06, 2019: 11:00am - 12:30pm
Grand Ballroom

Recent apps – iOS and Android, touch tables, kiosks and bespoke hardware (as distinct from websites including mobile sites) – are critiqued by an expert panel of peer reviewers including Vicki Portway (NASM, USA), Robin White Owen (MediaCombo, USA), Ariel Schwartz (Philadelphia Museum of Art, USA), and Sandy Goldberg (SGScripts, USA) under the leadership of Bruce Wyman (USD Design | MACH Consulting, USA). Everyone learns from the process and takes away tips that can be applied to other apps.

Chair: Bruce Wyman

Crowdsourcing Knowledge: Interactive Learning with Mapping Historic Skies
- Jessica BrodeFrank, Adler Planetarium, USA, Samantha Blickhan, Zooniverse, USA

Crit of the Parks Canada National App
- Valérie Chartrand, Parks Canada, Canada

The Lubbock Lake Landmark Mobile App - App Crit
- Megan Reel, Museum of Texas Tech University, USA, Jessica Stepp, Museum of Texas Tech University, USA

Yale Center for British Art App
- Anna Bozzuto, Yale Center for British Art, USA