Wednesday, April 03, 2019: 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Museum of Fine Arts Boston

While at the MFA, meet some of Boston’s interactive media makers! Play with augmented reality, LARP as a museum curator, interact with an Artificial Intelligence comedian, and, of course, visit the selfie station!

Chair: Kellian Adams

Comedy Bot
- Will Brierly, Artist, USA
Can Siri make you laugh? Will Brierly, game designer, games promoter and new media explorateur has programmed an AI bot with over 1,000 hours of standup comedy to see if automatically generated jokes can ever be funny. This AI comedian has performed at SXSW and Adult Swim.

Photo Overlay
- Chris Maire, Artist, USA
Indie Game Designer, Chris Maire from the Indie Games collective has built us a mobile, greenscreen photobooth. Take an MW2019 picture with your favorite museumies and add in the background of your choice!!

Who is R Mutt?
- Celia Pearce, Artist, USA
Who *is* R. Mutt? This is an art history mystery in the era of discovering women achievers formerly buried in history-- is it possible that a famous work of art has been misattributed? Game designer, Celia Pearce of Indiecade and Northeastern Game Design explores the artifacts of the case using interactive storytelling and AR.

Mantles in the Museum
- Jason Cox, Artist, USA
LARP at the MFA!