Papers: How do we get from collaboration to creation?

Friday, April 05, 2019: 9:00am - 10:30am
Back Bay CD

Chair: Sabrina Greupner

A Crisis of Capacity - How can Museums use Machine Learning, the Gig economy and the power of the crowd to tackle our backlogs.
- Adam Moriarty, Auckland Museum, New Zealand

Digital Storytelling Initiative as a Catalyst for Adopting Digital Working Models at FAMSF
- Tricia Robson, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, USA, Kelly Mincey, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, USA, Emily Stoller-Patterson, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, USA

Co-creating knowledge: participatory practices and museum/university partnerships
- Rikke Baggesen, Roskilde University, Denmark, Martin Gerster Johansen, ENIGMA - museum of communication, Danmark

Bringing Volunteers into the Fold of Digital Innovation at the Getty
- Karen Voss, J. Paul Getty Museum, USA, Kelly Smith-Fatten, The J. Paul Getty Museum, USA