Papers: What is storytelling today?

Friday, April 05, 2019: 9:00am - 10:30am
Republic Ballroom AB

Chair: Vince Dziekan

Digital content, storytelling and journalism: a genuine museum experience
- Alice White, Wellcome Collection, UK
When does online digital content become a genuine museum experience? This paper looks at how both science and art museums use digital channels to engage substantial non-visiting audiences. Using Wellcome Collection as a case study, we look at digital transformation and the role of journalistic practice in challenging people’s ideas about health and making connections between art and science. Sharing our own audience insights and talking to others in the sector, we ask what difference it could make to museums to commit to a strategy of using online digital content to reach audiences well beyond their visitor base.

Approaching dark heritage through “essential questions”: An interactive digital storytelling experience for the University of Athens Criminology Museum
- Vassilis Kourtis, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens | ATHENA Research Center, Greece
The potential of digital storytelling in cultural heritage has been widely recognized as an effective technique for communicating heritage interpretation to the public. In this paper, we explore its application in a "dark heritage" setting. Borrowing from education, we used the notion of “essential questions” as tools to lead to a deeper understanding of human nature. Following a user-centered design methodology, we developed an interactive digital storytelling experience for the Criminology Museum of the University of Athens. The resulting digital storytelling experience was adapted so as to be tested on-site and through the web. We evaluate our approach for making the museum accessible virtually as well as promoting engagement in the museum.

The GIFT framework: Give visitors the tools to tell their own stories
- Anders Sundnes Løvlie, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark
GIFT is an ongoing EU-funded research project developing hybrid visitor experiences: mixed reality designs that complement, challenge, or overlay physical visits with digital content. Through design exploration of two concepts focusing on gifting and play, the project has developed a design framework and toolbox, offered freely to help museums create deeper and more meaningful experiences by giving visitors the tools to tell their own stories. The project is highly cross-disciplinary, combining HCI research, artist-led exploration, technology explorations, and experience design in collaboration with museums. Furthermore, the project gathers 10 prominent museums from Europe and the U.S. in an action research project.