Plenary Panel Discussion with Damon Krukowski: The New Analog, or What’s your medium up to?

Friday, April 05, 2019: 4:30pm - 5:30pm
Grand Ballroom

Join Seb Chan, Chief Experience Office of the Australian Center for the Moving Image, as he interviews Damon Krukowski, creator of “Ways of Hearing,” and The New Analog and moderates a panel discussion about what is lost, and what is gained, as we move across media. How do digital translations and transmedia experiences challenge the borders and definitions of the media we use today, and what “meaningful signals” might we unwittingly sacrifice as “noise” in our search for “fidelity”? Joining the panel discussion are leading practitioners in a range of media: Halsey Burgund, sound artist and creator of the Roundware platform; Diane Borger, executive producer at ART and of the immersive theater blockbuster, “Sleep No More;” Sharna Jackson, artistic director of SITE Gallery, Sheffield, and curator of MWX; and Kellian Adams Pletcher, founder and CEO of Green Door Labs’ mobile and location-based learning experiences and curator of the MWX Arcade.

Chair: Sebastian Chan