Professional Forum: The Data-driven Museum

Thursday, April 04, 2019: 2:00pm - 2:50pm
Independence East West

Professional Forum: The Data-driven Museum: Data, Dashboards and Determination
- Heather Hart, The Huntington, USA, Jane Alexander, The Cleveland Museum of Art, USA, Douglas Hegley, Minneapolis Institute of Art, USA, Nik Honeysett, BPOC, USA
A hugely challenging transition for an organization is to become data-driven - maximizing innovation and advancement while controlling risk, using real data to inform and take decisive action. We can implement an infrastructure to support the capture and visualization of data, but the heavy-lifting is deciding what the metrics are, how we interpret their meaning, and most-crucially changing workplace culture to act on what the data insights tell us. This session will explore how to become a data-informed/data-driven institution, with examples drawn from museum practice. Attendees will hear stories of successes and obstacles faced by various organizations on the path to being data-driven.