CrowdRiff is an AI-powered visual marketing platform that enables marketers to discover and deliver top-performing visuals across every channel. We're working with over 300+ organizations worldwide, including Royal Ontario Museum, The Children's Museum of Indianapolis and Canadian Museum of Nature. For more information, visit as at http://www.crowdriff.com
Gallery Systems
Gallery Systems is dedicated to helping our clients constantly improve theway they manage and share their collections with their communities by making it easier for museum staff to complete their tasks, collaborate, care for collections, and exhibit objects. Gallery Systems produces an interwoven platform of products that all use the same database, designed to support your collections management needs in the most efficient and cost-effective way. From registrars to curators to conservators to collections managers and everyone in-between, we can help your team to streamline the way they manage collections of all types.
Tessitura Network
Tessitura Software is a unified CRM system that is tailored to the needs of cultural organizations. It captures all customer interactions providing a complete, real-time snapshot of a visitor’s relationship with your organization. Memberships, admissions, education, marketing, development and more can tailor the software to meet their individualized needs. The result? Deeper visitor engagement, unparalleled organizational efficiency and more time devoted to advancing your mission. The Tessitura Network is a nonprofit company that serves over 575 organizations on 3 continents. We have more than 75 museums, galleries and cultural attractions worldwide. Learn more by visiting us at tessituranetwork.com.