Deep Dive Into the Brain

The South Florida Science Center, Ideum, and Intervoke teamed up to create Deep Dive into the Brain, an interactive and immersive experience about the most complex structure known to science: the human brain. This immersive exhibit puts the structure and physiology of the brain at visitors’ fingertips, letting people explore the captivating images and cutting-edge science that reveal the brain’s innermost secrets.

Deep Dive Into the Brain places visitors in control of a dynamic voyage from the brain’s lobes and fissures into its internal structure and the microscopic level of synapses and neurotransmitters. The journey takes place on a curved 14′ projection wall designed to pull visitors into the stunning 3D imagery designed by Intervoke. Visitors start their journey from the outside of the brain and are invited to go deeper and explore all the way to the cellular level. Visitors will use a custom console designed and created by Ideum, which features an embedded display and a joystick to initiate their journey and learn about the neurological systems they encounter along the way.

This immersive exhibit is a key component of the larger exhibition A Journey Through the Human Brain at the South Florida Science Center.

Ideum prototyped the exhibit in their studio space prior to installing the exhibit in Florida.