Filla Fulla Chat

Filla Fulla Chat is a web application, created by the internal R&D team lab.SNG for the Slovak National Gallery exhibition Filla | Fulla: The Artists’ Fate (July 10th 2018 – October 21st 2018). The exhibition is a part of a collaborative project with Moravian Gallery in Brno, titled Made in Czechoslovakia. The project commemorates the 100th anniversary of founding the First Czechoslovak Republic.

Emil Filla (1882 – 1953) and Ľudovít Fulla (1902 – 1980) are iconic figures of Czech and Slovak modern art. Each of them explored new and radical ways to depict the world and to think about visual arts. Both introduced innovations of European avantgarde movements into the Czechoslovak context. Their life stories show how an artist’s work can defy the odds during difficult periods of political turmoil and eventually stand the test of time.

Filla Fulla Chat presents the life stories and work of both artists through an interactive conversation. By choosing themes, questions and responses, users can guide the conversation and observe exchanges between Filla and Fulla.

The script of the conversation is based on the artists’ memoirs, journals and personal correspondence. Inside the chat Filla and Fulla share their artworks as well as archival photographs.

A collection of artworks used in the exhibition and in the chat can be found on the online collection platform Web umenia.

Filla Fulla Chat app is build on top of the open-source nonlinear storytelling framework Twine. In order to facilitate the chat style experience, lab.SNG has developed a custom ‘Story Format’ that renders Twine stories in the shape of an interactive chat.

Both the Trialogue Story Format and the Filla Fulla Chat web application are released open source.