This progressive web app takes inspiration from popular dating apps. It loads a series of images of artworks from our permanent collection. Users can swipe left if they do not like the work of art, and right if they do like the work of art.  A user can then click to view a map of all the objects they swiped right on so they can find them in our galleries. Maps can be emailed and shared.

The main goal was to simplify way-finding for visitors who do not know or have a hard time articulating what kind of artworks they want to see while they are visiting the museum. Many of our first-time visitors ask us, “where should I start?” and we usually respond by saying, “What do you like? Photography, European Art?” And they often say, “I don’t know.”

This tool was designed to make people who do not have any formal art history education feel empowered to evaluate our collection based on their own tastes, without any judgement. Then once they’ve made their selections, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for them to go find the works so they could experience them in person.