Hi-story lessons’

The idea of the Hi-story lessons’ project was raised based on the general principles of Peace Education, proclaimed by Maria Montessori. The responsibility and respect for the others as well as so called Global Citizenship prevent the future conflicts. Hi-story lessons’ project is concerned with helping learners to develop an awareness of the processes and skills that are necessary for achieving understanding, tolerance, and good-will in the world today.

The mission of the Hi-story lessons’ project is to show the European history of the 20th-century from different perspectives. Underlining the necessity of teaching history with an awareness that neighbour countries could possibly have a different viewpoint on the same historical fact is the main aim of the project. With Hi-story lessons we strive to challenge how teachers and their students see the history of Europe ─ its diversity and complexity of sometimes even contrary opinions.

The aim of the Hi-story lessons’ is to support the process of understanding the 20th-century European history. The choice of impactful dates was made by a number of educational history experts from six countries – Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Czech Republic. All proceedings were held in the spirit of mutual respect of the variety of different opinions and national narratives.