Nationalmuseum Visitor Guide

The Nationalmuseum Visitor Guide is the new museum-wide app that was launched in October 2018 when the Nationalmuseum reopened after having been closed for renovation 5,5 years. The app contains general visitor information, such as floor maps, event calendars etc., but also provides audio guides, facts and inspiration on the exhibited works of art.
A seamless integration between the app, the Nationalmuseum website CMS and the collection management system made it possible to provide access to all (over 5000) exhibited works of art through the app, making it a valuable resource to prepare a visit or to come back to the artworks after a visit. The app also allows the visitor to save favourites to return to.
The app has been downloaded over 25 000 times during the first three month, which means that ca. 10% of all visitors use it. The user data also shows a predominance in returning visitors, which shows that the concept of revisiting the art online/after the visit is appreciated by the public.
The app provides audio guides to different parts of the collection and from different thematic points of view. It also acknowledges exhibitions shown outside the museum’s main premises and thus widens the visitors’ possibilities to experience art and exhibitions they cannot travel to. The Nationalmuseum’s Open Access policy has been mirrored in the app as all artworks not protected by third-party copyright are free to be reused for all purposes.
While the functionality might feel traditional, we believe that the app is special in providing access to every single exhibited artwork, including all texts and introductions that are shown on site. This extensive access to art while being intuitive to use and to move around in, we believe is unprecedented. The relatively high user numbers and the positive feedback we are receiving verify our impression.