#NewSelfWales Exhibition

In 2018 The State Library of NSW’s DX Lab asked people across the state to share their portraits on Instagram and through two in-gallery photo booths in the  #NewSelfWales community-generated, immersive exhibition.  The Library was actively seeking these portraits in order to collect the face of NSW and to bring a younger and more diverse audience through the newly refurbished galleries.

Statistics and top hashtags used by the public
Statistics and top hashtags used by the public

The very playful exhibition showed a live feed of images across the Library’s collection via large-scale projections alongside the portraits shared from the community.

Gallery view of #NewSelfWales

The very popular exhibition closed in February, but the DX Lab has built a website, using the latest web technologies, to show the 12000+ results, including thousands collected by the Library over the past 200 years.

Some of the images taken using the in gallery photo booths

There are over 7000 portraits taken in our in-gallery selfie booths, nearly 1000 from Instagram and over 5000 from the Library’s collection available here.

Playful use of reflective surfaces

Contributors can find themselves here or simply enjoy browsing the diverse range of portraits through the collection tags.

“everyone is welcome”
3D design of photo booth area in gallery showing accessibility and reflective finish
On of the touchscreen photo booth kiosks
Design concept and render of 3D printed in-gallery selfie cams