Bot to the future: using machine learning to develop the ultimate MW paper

Lightning Talk

Friday, April 05, 2019: 11:00am - 12:30pm - Grand Ballroom: Lightning Talks

Louise Rawlinson, Cogapp, UK, Gavin Mallory, Cogapp, UK, Tristan Roddis, Cogapp, UK

What happens when you data-mine twenty-one years of Museums and the Web conference papers, and then train a bot on the contents?

In this lightning talk we aim to show you the journey we took to create the ultimate, zeitgeist-capturing paper title that would wow reviewers in 2020. Marvel at how the crude beginnings of machine understanding morph into a sophisticated prediction engine, leveraging every buzzword-worthy machine-learning technique that we can think of along the way.

There should also be time for a bit of introspection: SGML and the information superhighway have fallen by the wayside; chatbots and machine-learning (oh no that’s us) are ascendant, but what are the perennial, enduring themes of the last twenty years?

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