Hands-on IIIF

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Wednesday, April 03, 2019: 9:00am - 12:00pm - Fairfax B (3F): Hands-on IIIF

Tristan Roddis, Cogapp, UK, Jeff Steward, Harvard Art Museums, USA

The International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) has seen rapid adoption by cultural institutions over the last few years because it offers a number of advantages for accessing images and their associated metadata by both the originating institution and others. However, it can be bewildering to navigate the various specifications and software tools to get to the heart of the question “what’s in it for me?”.

In this workshop, aimed at newcomers to IIIF, we will show you how to firstly create your own IIIF content, and secondly to take advantage of the freely-available tools that can be used to present your images and descriptions online in a variety of radically ways.

We will do this using open-source and low-cost tools. In particular, some or all of the following:

Ways to host IIIF images (Internet Archive, Wikimedia, IIIFHosting etc.)
Ways to edit images (URL manipulation, UCD cropping tool)
Ways to generate manifests (BIIIF, Bodleian manifest editor)
Ways to view images (Openseadragon, Compariscope, Slow-looking)
Ways to view manifests (Universal Viewer, Mirador, Storiiies)

From this workshop, participants will gain a working knowledge of the core underpinnings of IIIF (image API, presentation API), as well as an appreciation of how these can be made directly useful in their own projects, by leveraging the free tools and toolkits that are compatible with these standards. The hands-on nature of this workshop will also make participants aware of the easy ways to quickly prototype and implement fully-featured IIIF-based experiences.

Participants will require their own laptop, and ideally come prepared with some images that they would like to present (online or on disk). Some familiarity with technical systems such as Github and npm would be beneficial but not essential.

IIIF: https://iiif.io/
Internet Archive IIIF service: https://iiif.archivelab.org/iiif/documentation
Wikidata IIIF service: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Jheald/IIIF_180815
IIIFHosting: https://www.iiifhosting.com/
UCD cropping tool: https://github.com/jbhoward-dublin/iiif-imageManipulation
BIIIF: https://github.com/edsilv/biiif
Bodleain Library manifest editor: https://github.com/bodleian/iiif-manifest-editor
Openseadragon: https://openseadragon.github.io/
Compariscope: https://vanda.github.io/iiif-features/
Slow-looking: http://slowlooking.cogapp.com/
Universal Viewer: https://universalviewer.io/
Mirador: http://projectmirador.org/
Storiiies: http://storiiies.cogapp.com/