Hands On With RFID

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Wednesday, April 03, 2019: 1:30pm - 4:30pm - Clarendon (3F): Hands On With RFID

Aron Ambrosiani, Nordiska museet, Sweden, Lucie Paterson, ACMI, Australia, Seb Chan, ACMI, Australia

The Nordic Museum in Stockholm, Sweden and ACMI in Melbourne, Australia have recently used RFID chips to add interactive elements to exhibitions. In this workshop/session, you’ll make a basic scavenger hunt from scratch with the following steps:

setup a Raspberry Pi + RFID reader
setup & run an app to receive user interactions from the raspberries
setup & run a web app to show if the user has completed the scavenger hunt
test a few different RFID chips in combination with the RFID reader
The aim of the workshop is not to learn the technical details but rather to grasp the overall possibilities of RFID by exploring a sample use case (the scavenger hunt).

We’ll also present some approaches to how RFID interactives can be fit into a museum exhibition. This is partly a demo session (based on the Wonderland Map at ACMI and the Journey of Light at the Nordic Museum) but mainly a way to take one step beyond specific tech issues and looking at the possibilities of RFID on the exhibition level.

Requirements to participate:

a computer with latest version of node installed. https://nodejs.org/en/ – needed to run the receiving end and the web app.
developer/coding skills not required, we’ll walk you through it