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Full Registration

Includes access to all sessions, 1 ticket to each reception and a copy of the proceedings, but no workshops, tours or special events.

Just in Time Registration (payment before April 1, 2019): $800

Student Registration (payment before April 1, 2019): $400

Day Registration

No Reception tickets or Discounts

Day Registration Thursday: $400

Day Registration Friday: $400

Day Registration Saturday: $400

Event Tickets

Welcome Reception: $50

Exhibitors' Reception: $60

Conference Reception: $75

Humbug: Thursday lunchtime event (not included with full registration): $40

Tuesday Workshop: Testing the Digital Environment with People of Diverse Abilities: Demonstration and Individual Project Reviews at IHCD’s User/Expert Lab: $175


Tour: Museums at Harvard: $100

Tour: ICA/Boston and the ICA Watershed: $75


AM: Market Smarter, Not Harder: Using Your Own Data for Communications Success: $175

AM: DIY Crowdsourcing & Museum Collections: Explore people-powered research with the Zooniverse Project Builder!: $175

AM: Shaping the Big Picture: Interactively Mapping Our Digital Activities and Relationships: $175

AM: Hands-on IIIF: $175

AM: GIF Making for Museums: Reviving Archival Collections through Creative Reuse: $175

AM: Hands on with Vue.js for Touchscreens: $175

AM: Podcasting for Museums: A Hands-On Introduction: $175

AM: Beyond the Physical Museum's Walls: Creating Powerful Digital Campaigns That Engage and Inspire: $175

AM: Digital Asset Management: Learning from the Private Sector: $175

AM: 21st Century Skills in Heritage: $175

PM: Hacking Culture with IIIF: $175

PM: Website Optimization (Without A Redesign): $175

PM: Super Powers Senate Program: $175

PM: How to get museums to innovate? ‘Design for cultural heritage’ and service-system mindset as a strategic thinking methodology.: $175

PM: Facilitating object-based learning experiences using digital: $175

PM: To Blog or Not to Blog? It Shouldn’t Be a Question: How to Share More of Your Museum’s Stories Regardless of Team Size: $175

PM: InnerActive History: Exploring new and innovative techniques for history museums and exhibits: $175

PM: The Narrative Podcast: Creating Intimate Stories for Immersive Experiences: $175

PM: Multimedia Classics. Masterpieces of a Vanishing Era: $175

PM: IBM Design Thinking: Increasing interactivity and engagement around protected artifacts: $175

PM: Museum DAM in 2019: Practical Planning for Where You Want to Be and How to Get There: $175

PM: Human Scale Web Collecting for Individuals and Institutions with Webrecorder: $175

PM: Hands On With RFID: $175


Museums and the Web: Selected Papers from MW2019 (pre order): $50

Museums and the Web: Selected Papers from MW2018: $25

Museums and the Web: Selected Papers from MW2017: $25

Museums and the Web: Selected Papers from MW2016 and MWA2015: $25

Museums and the Web: Selected Papers from MW2015, MWA2014 and MWF2014: $25

Museums and the Web: Selected Papers from MW2014 and MWA2013: $25

Museums and the Web 2013: Selected Papers and Proceedings: $25

Museums and the Web 2012: Selected Papers and Proceedings: $25