How-to: An Open-source Model For Exhibition Development And Hands-on Storytelling

Saturday, April 06, 2019: 2:00pm - 2:50pm
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Simple Tangible Interaction: An Illumination of Trajan’s Weapons Frieze and Open-source Models For Exhibition Development And Hands-on Storytelling
- Todd Berreth, North Carolina State University, USA
This how-to session and paper describes a haptic digital interactive museum installation at the Museum of the Imperial Forum in Rome. The project was entirely manufactured via "maker" technologies, a laser cutter and 3-D printer; its interactivity was implemented through hobbyist electronics, a low-cost micro-computer and simple scripting. This project led to a parallel effort to create a generic, open-source project, and a set of instructions on how to build a similar installation with other curatorial content, using the same technologies and techniques. It's a simple entry point to incorporating these modes into a user’s curatorial and storytelling practice. Such work offers a compelling model for open-source exhibition development.