Inclusive Design Incubator

Friday, April 05, 2019: 9:00am - 10:30am
Back Bay AB

- Sina Bahram, Prime Access Consulting, Inc., USA, Corey Timpson, Corey Timpson Design Inc., Canada

Real-time Captioning for Time-based Media: Next Generation Accessibility for your Video Installations
- Ryan King, Smithsonian Institution, USA
The problem: To tell a good story and create an engaging environment often involves compelling and rich media. We invest a lot of effort in producing such media and want it to be accessible to our ever growing and diverse audiences. How do we deliver the essence of our content in meaningful and intuitive modes to our visitors? Captioning, verbal description, and language offerings begin to bridge existing gaps, but often are static printed solutions that give a visitor no sense of where she may find herself when entering into a space mid-video. Our solution so far: We have created a pan-institutional collaborative project at the Smithsonian to develop and test real-time captioning for time-based media art (i.e. video art)

Understanding Accessibility: Translation Services and Accessibility Programs
- Will Lach, Eriksen Translations Inc., USA
In "Understanding Access", I’d like to discuss the juncture of translation services and accessibility programming. I’d like to start with the obvious: translation services are of course a means of access, if not what jumps to mind with the term accessibility. This talk introduces several projects that feature these kinds of intersections: (1) Museums repurposing standard translation work into accessibility features. (2) The reverse: Museums offering accessibility programming and then translating those programs. (3) A glance outside the museum sector to surmise where these efforts could be headed for museums.

The Influential Usage of Polyhedra in Science and the Arts
- Hyunkyung Lee, UNIST, Korea
The polyhedron is a structure that is effective in various fields, such as architecture, chemistry, and the arts. This article hypothesizes that polyhedron was influenced by one another invariable fields and some of them had the most innovative role in the period and later in future generation. The polyhedral theory cut across and exercise a far-reaching influence between science and art. The research question is how polyhedron influenced each other to the different fields. After analyzing all the connected story we plan on an exhibition telling children how these studies are intertwined, then it can provide a big picture of whole new worlds interestingly with education purposes.